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Weihai chemical machinery company limited (hereinafter referred to as Weihai machine) was founded in 1975, has 38 years of experience in the pressure vessel industry so far, also the earliest research, development and production of high pressure reaction stirring equipment by well-known manufacturers. Currently employs more than 800 people, and 2 international welding engineer, national registered Auditors 8, quality testing and Inspection Division, Division of responsibility at all levels more than 50 employees, have a NDE (nondestructive) ⅱ, ⅲ level a total of thirty two-forty thirds people; with welder one hundred and sixty two-six hundred and eighty sixths people. Company has numerous hot of qualification certificate, is pressure container non-marked equipment industry in the license level Supreme of enterprise one, has China high, and in the, and low voltage pressure container special equipment design, and manufacturing license and United States mechanical engineering Association ASME pressure container design, and manufacturing license; has capacity marked Board certification of pressure container with explosion Composite plate products security registered card and Germany t ü v NORD ISO9001:2000 management system certification.

Company has a five-span capacity 40,000 square meters, 25,000 square meters of non-ferrous metal products and 25,000 square meters clean workshop special workshop and metal explosion clad plate of stainless steel products factory, and so on. Heavy capacity workshop enjoy has 600 tons lifting capacity of lane, cold volume 180mm/hot volume 260mm Board thick of heavy volume Board machine, 5mx5mx25m and 6.5mx7mx36m long of overall heat treatment furnace, enjoy has Germany Spectro metal Analyzer and has 6MeV electronic line accelerator of large flaw room, has Lincoln with very heap welding machine, and deep hole butt welding of tube Board automatically welding machine, and small tube hole heap welding machine, and Issa EHD1500A narrow clearance automatically buried welder, and Netherlands HGG company MRP-dimensional robots opening machines, machine shop equipped with the 6m vertical lathe, 4m gantry CNC multi-head deep hole drilling and boring shaft for stroke 10m 200mm TJK6P20A heavy advanced processing equipments such as CNC floor boring and milling machine. Company in 1998 restructuring Hou, based "high, and tip, and new, and fine, and u" of development target, further established has do heavy high pressure, and special material, high-end non-marked equipment and mixing equipment of development approach, relies on excellence of talent system, and full of technology advantage, and specification of management system, and advanced of production equipment and the perfect of after-sales service, bear has increasingly more of chrome Mo steel, and cryogenic steel, and senior stainless steel, and double phase steel, and titanium, and zirconium, and tantalum, and copper nickel alloy, and HA's alloy, and monel, and British g contact heat nickel alloy, material and composites of non-marked equipment total up more than 21,000 more Taiwan, which by play ASME of u stamped products has more than 11,000 more Taiwan, meet has include BASF (Pakistan Republika husband), and DUPONT (DuPont), and DOW (pottery 's), and BAYER (Bayer), and BP, and Japan Kobe system steel, and qilu petrochemical, and stone chain of, and Golmud refining factory, and China Shenhua, and Yantai Wanhua, and Changchun big into, and cloud Tin group, many customer of demand, export to Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and More than 20 countries and regions in the Middle East. Are still being completed for a number of key construction projects in China's major equipment and the export of equipment. 

Weihai machine-shop system there are strict hygiene and civilized construction jobs, all workshops are epoxy clean room on the ground floor is the vanguard of Chinese pressure vessel industry workshop management. Companies use advanced ERP management system, every product, every process in lean in order to control production. 

Weihai Weihai city, located in the provincial tourist holiday resort, is ideally connected to the mountains and sea, a beautiful environment and pleasant climate; and the Weihai, Yantai and Qingdao international airport, major seaport terminals, highways and railways are closely connected at all levels, close to the harbour Quay, Super, super heavy vessels for overall production and overall delivery.

For 38 years, we are always learning attitude, adhere to the development of eyes, settled in the non-standard equipment manufacturing industry, we will continue to uphold the fine traditions of our enterprise, comprehensive, thoughtful and enthusiastic contribution, the whole process and serve the customers at home and abroad, efforts towards specialization and globalization strategy direction. Weihai machine will continue to adhere to the "people-oriented, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "customer expectations by designing products, customer-critical mass through the eyes of" the quality policy, establishing a first-class management team, to provide customers with first-class products and services, realization of Weihai new takeoff!

Weihai, we cordially invite you to visit and would like to share with everyone, if you provided the world with high quality and reliable chemical equipment, pressure vessel manufacturing growth in China to do their part.

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