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CEO'S Note

Thanks to Weihai people, history has given us the opportunity. Sync with China's reform and opening, Weihai machine from scratch, from small to large, is now China's most well-known manufacturer of large pressure vessel. However, compared with world-class enterprises, we also have significant gaps. China's entry into the WTO, economic globalization so that all Chinese enterprises are faced with great challenges and opportunities. We compete with world class companies, like a lightweight boxer and heavyweight competing. In the new round of competition, will be globally competitive standards in the industry reshuffle, only the most outstanding enterprises could survive in a future competition. A strong economy can support a strong State, and established a number of world-class enterprise is the Foundation of a strong economy. Industrial powerhouse, realize national rejuvenation is the country and the people's expectations, our ideals and pursuits.
In 2005, we face Weihai machine's toughest challenge since the enterprise development, internationalization requires us to quickly improve the internationalization of enterprise management and operation ability, needed more employees to grow up as quickly as possible with world class talent.
We know that only innovation can keep the enterprise alive, can create more opportunities for the future development, will help us to overcome potential crises. Initiative to undertake their own inadequacies and problems with courage and confidence, and be able to contribute to our progress dare to take risks and responsibility, constantly change and innovation is to speed up the only way to improve our competitiveness, ahead of the competition. We firmly believe that history is made by those who take full advantage of their opportunities in the era of continuous change and innovation in writing. Let us pass the passion for innovation to each and every employee, youth with our blood, sweat and a fulfilling career, achieve our goal--to create internationally competitive world-class enterprises. It is our historical responsibility and mission.


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