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Surface treatment equipment

Weihai of machine is domestic technology technology equipment strength most strong of enterprise one, in with equipment more than 1000 more Taiwan, which fine big dilute equipment more than 80 more Taiwan, polished equipment 30 Taiwan, which 14m automatically polished machine 2 Taiwan, and 12m automatically polished machine 2 Taiwan, and 10m automatically polished machine 1 Taiwan, and hand pushed polished machine 23 Taiwan, automatic seal head, and tube body polished machine 2 Taiwan.
Japan introduced industry-leading Polish technology, practice areas include mechanical polishing, Electropolishing, composite electro-polishing, polishing roughness up to 800#. 

Polishing head
Head polishing finished products
Composite polishing
Composite polishing machine
Shot blasting machine
Polishing cylinder wall
Barrel polishing machines
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