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Mixing laboratory

Weihai machine began as a chemical reactor, chemical equipment up to the present, mixing unit on the device are generally designed and manufactured their own 30 years to accumulate a large number of mixer design and manufacturing experience. With the continuous development of the chemical industry, we found that many of the large mixer device can no longer be done by experienced will be able to design, a successful mix of combination devices designed to stir the hydrodynamic calculation of chemical engineering and technology, as well as areas such as mechanical design knowledge. In view of this situation, our 2008 fluid mixing in a blender was established jointly with the Harbin Institute of technology research and Development Center, dedicated to the theoretical study of the Blender, along with the deepening of the research, fluid mixing and mixing experiments were established in June 2012.
Fluid mixing and mixing laboratory dedicated to mixing aspects of research, laboratory is equipped with a test-bed, mixing ratio on the test bench, PIV particle imaging equipment, high-performance computing as well as CFD calculation software.
Comprehensive experiment number of desktop is used to measure the power of Blender, and macro-mixer flow equipment. It is by lifting the Blender, glass tank consists of cameras, lasers, computers, and performance. Blender is an important number of power mixer parameters, through which you can gain mixer at work, the consumption of power. When testing, by constantly changing speed of the stirrer, torque sensors in the raise and lower Blender Blender torque generated to the computer through the included software on your computer processing power by the blender. While fluorescent particles in Chinese through glass jars, flow field of agitator macro map is rendered, through high-performance camera can shoot a flow diagram to come down.
Mixing ratio on the test rig is made up of dual-axis movements blenders, glass tank, computer and test software components. Mixing experiment table used for two different mixers in comparison with conditions (same speed, same material, etc), through convection and mixing power of judgment and draw the best Blender mix.
PIV particle imaging apparatus for mixing flow field of surveying and mapping, through the mapping of flow field in stirred tank with direct access to the real figure, and through the computer into a velocity vector map, cloud, you can visually and CFD simulation of flow field for comparison. PIV device is made up of digital camera imaging systems, PIV, synchronous pulse laser system controller system, computer and software. Digital camera system used for image acquisition, PIV system used to launch light pulse laser, Synchro controller used to control the measurement field of view of synchronicity, computers and software used to process measuring data.
High-performance computers are used to prepare for CFD simulations. We dingpei of this computer is a workstation on the market today. Now we use CFD software to accurately simulate the velocity field and pressure field in a stirred reactor, also can do a simulation of gas holdup in a stirred vessel. Through CFD calculation software of simulation, on Blender of selection, and zoom, are has very big of help, especially in Blender of zoom aspects, we now can through mixing simulation and experiment reached customer of requires, we first through mixing slot simulation experiment measured Blender of power associate number and mixing stream field figure, again through computer CFD simulation came Blender of power and stream field figure, through both for contrast, if difference is unlikely to, proved calculation simulation no problem. As big as we can use computer simulation and physical model and numerical simulation of flow field and flow field we think it can be concluded that real flow conditions in the reaction device, based solely upon this flow chart has been improved.
Laboratory set up, has greatly facilitated our study on agitator. We will be market-oriented, customer for the purpose of better Stirrers in the design.

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